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Φθίνουσα Ταξινόμηση


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  1. SPORT 100

    The SPORT 100 allows you to take your first steps at the ping-pong table with family or friends. It goes from hand to hand: from the nephew to the grandpa, to the great aunt… All the family comes together around the table for a game of good old-fashioned fun.
    7,00 €
  2. SPORT 300

    The passion is getting to you: you're increasing the time you spend playing. With a two-star coating with better adhesion, the SPORT 300 allows you to build volleys and impress everyone. You'll gain in confidence and affirm your more versatile play.
    14,00 €
  3. SPORT 400

    The SPORT 400 allows you to express yourself at the ping-pong table. You'll have pleasure in varying your spin. A chop? A lifting shot? This bat will meet your expectations. Its 1.8-mm coating allow you to be bold: you'll learn to enjoy overwhelming your opponents. Your progress will be highlighted: the SPORT 400 will lead you to go even farther.
    16,00 €
  4. TACTEO 50

    LAUNCHED IN 2005, THE TACTEO IS IMPROVING YEAR ON YEAR TO THE RHYTHM OF OUR INNOVATIONS. CAPABLE OF WITHSTANDING ALL KINDS OF BAD WEATHER, THE 100% FRENCH OUTDOOR BAT BOASTS A NEW, COLOURFUL LOOK, WHICH WILL UNITE YOUNG AND OLD IN THE JOYS OF THE GAME WITH FAMILY. The perfect alliance of technological innovation and design, this composite bat, based on a revolutionary concept, offers unique benefits both in terms of its resistance to shocks and outdoor conditions and comfortable feel.
    15,00 €
  5. NEXEO X90 Carbon fiber

    A fast, high-precision bat thanks to its sponge-backed smooth rubber cover. The materials selected offer improved resistance to shocks and weather conditions. Great product durability, without compromising quality of play.
    29,90 €
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Φθίνουσα Ταξινόμηση


6 Προϊόν(τα)